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Rescued: Bryn and Robin

A kangaroo swapped for a wombat. Unusual as it sounds, that’s how Bryn came to live with Louise. Louise clearly has a heart for wildlife, and has a long-held affection for wombats, saying to us, “You haven’t lived until

Vintage #2 – The Conversation

Vintage in the Yarra Valley is not all about picking grapes at ridiculous hours of the morning hither-to only known to exist by party-goers who refer to it as “the time you go home from the party”. It’s not all about squishing

A little show to kick off 2015

We have a small show opening at Round Bird Can’t Fly, one of the amazing little food places that have given us a reason to stop in Lilydale. It’s a small collection of quirky prints on the subject of what draws us to the sea.

Christmas Eve and Beautiful Things.

It’s Christmas Eve, so what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas styling workshop from the James sisters, Kate and Clare. Two of our favourite people (ever) hold their annual Christmas workshops in a tiny heritage hall, and style up a