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Yarra Valley Pasta

These guys are old friends – the best kind, who make amazing pasta. Love them and their pasta to bits.

Refreshments – local fave

Our friends Ceci and Georgie have prime position at the Healesville Railway Station for their awesome little cafe, Yarra Valley Refreshments. Love their simple tasty work.

Rescued: Bryn and Robin

A kangaroo swapped for a wombat. Unusual as it sounds, that’s how Bryn came to live with Louise. Louise clearly has a heart for wildlife, and has a long-held affection for wombats, saying to us, “You haven’t lived until

Vintage #2 – The Conversation

Vintage in the Yarra Valley is not all about picking grapes at ridiculous hours of the morning hither-to only known to exist by party-goers who refer to it as “the time you go home from the party”. It’s not all about squishing

Vintage 2015 #1

It’s well and truly Vintage in the Yarra Valley – Vendange if you’re French. It’s that time of year when the grapes are picked and made into wine. We visit a number of our wine making friends at this time of year – wine

Christmas Eve and Beautiful Things.

It’s Christmas Eve, so what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas styling workshop from the James sisters, Kate and Clare. Two of our favourite people (ever) hold their annual Christmas workshops in a tiny heritage hall, and style up a

Easy Tiger

These guys a long-time friends! We love their food, and we love to take photos of it. These shots are for The Age Good Food Guide.