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Road trip fun

We’re proud to be part of a new online magazine called One Hour Out, photographing and reviewing restaurants in regional areas. Fun. Mike is going to need to renew that gym membership though…

Yarra Valley Pasta

These guys are old friends – the best kind, who make amazing pasta. Love them and their pasta to bits.

Thermo Love

Shooting for TMix Plus – fun, and great food! Styled by Leesa O’Reilly, Cooked by Lesley Russel, Hannah, Sally, & Kha.

Refreshments – local fave

Our friends Ceci and Georgie have prime position at the Healesville Railway Station for their awesome little cafe, Yarra Valley Refreshments. Love their simple tasty work.

At Home with Sous Vide

Our biggest project to date, this was a ballet performed by a stylist, a chef, and two photographers for over 70 recipes over six days, plus extras for excursions interstate to get halter openers. We LOVED EVERY SECOND! The book, At Home with Sous

South Melbourne Market

Worth the drive from the Yarra Valley, totally.

Boy Named Sue

As the lyrics say, “He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile”. A good breakfast at St Andrews has loads of chilli, just to slap you awake.


Yum. That is all.