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A little bit fashionable

For a few issues of magazines from Country Life Publishing, we’ve put together a regional fashion editorial showcasing the talents of local producers of ethical, handmade clothing. It’s been a blast, styled by Holly Deacon of Anouk. The

Road trip fun

We’re proud to be part of a new online magazine called One Hour Out, photographing and reviewing restaurants in regional areas. Fun. Mike is going to need to renew that gym membership though…

Refreshments – local fave

Our friends Ceci and Georgie have prime position at the Healesville Railway Station for their awesome little cafe, Yarra Valley Refreshments. Love their simple tasty work.

Vintage #2 – The Conversation

Vintage in the Yarra Valley is not all about picking grapes at ridiculous hours of the morning hither-to only known to exist by party-goers who refer to it as “the time you go home from the party”. It’s not all about squishing

Vintage 2015 #1

It’s well and truly Vintage in the Yarra Valley – Vendange if you’re French. It’s that time of year when the grapes are picked and made into wine. We visit a number of our wine making friends at this time of year – wine

Christmas Eve and Beautiful Things.

It’s Christmas Eve, so what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas styling workshop from the James sisters, Kate and Clare. Two of our favourite people (ever) hold their annual Christmas workshops in a tiny heritage hall, and style up a

Re-visiting Artists

Since 2008, we have been visiting the studios of artists, delving into their creative worlds, taking portraits and intimate little studio details to help the Yarra Valley Open Studios program. For 2014, our brief is “The Professional

A Museum, and a Master.

The master of Australian architectural photography is John Gollings. He’s been all over the world taking extraordinary images of buildings. When the TarraWarra Museum of Art opened, naturally Gollings was the man to photograph it. So for us to

Following an Empire

For eighteen months, we have photographed Speigelworld’s Empire – best described as … hell, I don’t even know. Maybe I could describe it as a Burlesque Circus. Or something. For the last season in Melbourne, we have been

Bottle Season

Our studio is in the Yarra Valley, so of course we have the pleasure of working for some of Australia’s best winemakers. Seriously, it’s so cool what comes through our doors sometimes, and the places we traipse to take photos for these

Yarra Valley Dairy

Taking the studio on the road is something we love doing – actually, we think we are pretty good at it. Achieving a natural look on site with portable gear is a great challenge – something we love doing. This one is for The Yarra Valley

At Home with Sous Vide

Our biggest project to date, this was a ballet performed by a stylist, a chef, and two photographers for over 70 recipes over six days, plus extras for excursions interstate to get halter openers. We LOVED EVERY SECOND! The book, At Home with Sous

Easy Tiger

These guys a long-time friends! We love their food, and we love to take photos of it. These shots are for The Age Good Food Guide.


One of our fave little food spots, amazing wine, and great people.