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Road trip fun

We’re proud to be part of a new online magazine called One Hour Out, photographing and reviewing restaurants in regional areas. Fun. Mike is going to need to renew that gym membership though…

Rescued: Kimba

In the heart of “the burbs”, the middle of the mortgage belt in eastern suburban Melbourne, you really don’t expect to find considerable acreage and a horse property and beautiful horses. But right next to new housing developments in Vermont is

Rescued: Bryn and Robin

A kangaroo swapped for a wombat. Unusual as it sounds, that’s how Bryn came to live with Louise. Louise clearly has a heart for wildlife, and has a long-held affection for wombats, saying to us, “You haven’t lived until

Rescued: Hector-bear and a house-full of friends

Where do you start when every animal in a household full of animals has a rescue story of some kind? Hector the Golden Retriever (Hector-bear) greets us at the door like a warm blanket of loveliness. He came from an overseas student house, where

Rescued: Warrigal and Jinka

We have a confession to make. These two brumbies live on the same street as our studio. We spied them when they first moved in, and slightly fell in love with them. It was a no-brainer to visit Meagan for our Rescued project. The story is a good

Rescued : Bundy

Lisa and Evie introduced us to Bundy the Blue Heeler, Olivia, Peaches, and Ginger the chickens, and Sabrina the Teenage Cat. We talked mostly about Bundy the Blue Heeler. He came from Australian Working Dog Rescue. Sure, he’s got issues and

Starting new adventures

We’ve been pulling our ideas together with inspirational material for ages, and finally the idea starts to become reality. This is a little teaser of something we’ll be putting a fair bit of energy into in 2015. Cafe del Sol at Safety

Jeremy, Movida

DJ Jeremy – Mr Smith, works at Movida. Love his front of house work in both arenas.