A little show to kick off 2015

We have a small show opening at Round Bird Can’t Fly, one of the amazing little food places that have given us a reason to stop in Lilydale. It’s a small collection of quirky prints on the subject of what draws us to the sea. Here’s a sneak-peak, although you’ll need to see them in person to appreciate the production of these prints. The subjects are not the answer to the question, more the question itself, the beckoning.

This show is kind of a “Hey, we’re back!” – celebrating our return to the fray after some distractions in 2014, some wonderful and others not so much.

The show is open from Feb 21 onwards. Come mostly for the food and the amazing Chum Creek Coffee, but ask yourself also, “What draws me to the sea?” 198A8536 198A8573

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