Yarra Valley Dairy

Taking the studio on the road is something we love doing – actually, we think we are pretty good at it. Achieving a natural look on site with portable gear is a great challenge – something we love doing. This one is for The Yarra Valley

At Home with Sous Vide

Our biggest project to date, this was a ballet performed by a stylist, a chef, and two photographers for over 70 recipes over six days, plus extras for excursions interstate to get halter openers. We LOVED EVERY SECOND! The book, At Home with Sous

The Peninsula

Nothing inspires quite like a stunning sunrise in a stunning part of the world with stunning company. We love this job…

Easy Tiger

These guys a long-time friends! We love their food, and we love to take photos of it. These shots are for The Age Good Food Guide.


One of our fave little food spots, amazing wine, and great people.  

Nothin’ like a backyard hitchin’

Especially when your back yard is like this…

South Melbourne Market

Worth the drive from the Yarra Valley, totally.

Boy Named Sue

As the lyrics say, “He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile”. A good breakfast at St Andrews has loads of chilli, just to slap you awake.


Yum. That is all.

Casual formalities

Love a good casual wedding. These two also did us the favour of getting hitched in the best light. Thanks guys!