Following an Empire

For eighteen months, we have photographed Speigelworld’s Empire – best described as … hell, I don’t even know. Maybe I could describe it as a Burlesque Circus. Or something. For the last season in Melbourne, we have been resident for weekend shows. Our residency there has been to test a retail event photography business, called Self-O-Matic. But in the mean-time, we also took a bunch of promotional shots for the show’s next home in Japan, and added to our already massive collection of photographs of this show taken from seasons in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and the return season in Melbourne. We loved every second of it. Along the way we met some amazing people and made some great photos. Huge huge thanks to Jesse Cain at Speigelworld – this was a career highlight. Our photos have gone all over the world, and appeared on billboards, taxis, in magazines, newspapers, signage, websites – you name it.

Here’s just a few of the thousands of frames we shot over the last 18 months.

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