Off Brunswick #1

We spend a bit of time around Brunswick St in Fitzroy and Collingwood. Around Brunswick St, not so much On. We wondered what it was that drew us away from the high street, into the alleys and surrounds, looking for great new and old places to eat, shop, and look for pictures. As part of our Melbourne project, we have started to document our trips “Off Brunswick” – a title with two meanings.

First up is our new favourite breakfast place. Simple, quirky, and saved from being a brothel by grace, it’s “Grace” on Rose St. Funny, on this day we fell out of love with one of our old favourites on Gertrude St, and Julia and Rose at Grace reminded us why we fall in love with our breakfast faves. Look at the eye contact, the smiles – the love. These guys are awesome. Completely awesome. Great food, tea, etc, but the customer-love is the best.

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