Rescued: Bryn and Robin

A kangaroo swapped for a wombat. Unusual as it sounds, that’s how Bryn came to live with Louise.

Louise clearly has a heart for wildlife, and has a long-held affection for wombats, saying to us,

“You haven’t lived until you’ve had a wombat! They. Are. Divine.”

A chance opportunity to save a young Eastern Grey Kangaroo which was stuck inside a high fence resulted in a most unusual swap. Eastern Greys are a common animal, and the discovery of an isolated one, outside the mob and distressed, clearly in need of refuge but not able to find room at a sanctuary gave rise to an unusual suggestion.

“My friend who works in wildlife rescue said, ‘Why don’t I give you back the kangaroo, and you give me the wombat, so that I have a pair'”.

Bryn is very much the wild animal, but is comfortable in the house and with people. She’s “wrongly imprinted”, being rescued as such a young animal. However, though she is part of the family, it would be wrong to say she was a pet. In fact, to find that she was pregnant with Robin was clearly an indication that she was interacting with the mob!

Now Louise, with effusive and infectious passion, watches out for the mob of around 100 kangaroos on her property, returning large portions of grazing land to its natural bush state, encouraging the wildlife to flourish on her property where neighbours would prefer to exclude them.

“If I didn’t do what I do right now, I’d dedicate my whole life to wildlife!”

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