Rescued : Bundy

Lisa and Evie introduced us to Bundy the Blue Heeler, Olivia, Peaches, and Ginger the chickens, and Sabrina the Teenage Cat. We talked mostly about Bundy the Blue Heeler. He came from Australian Working Dog Rescue. Sure, he’s got issues and vet bills for a shoulder injury of indeterminate cause, but he’s a heeler. He sticks to the leader like glue. He smiles, and even though he’s in pain, he will go for the ball like a teenage puppy.

“He was flown down from Queensland”, Lisa said to us. “I picked him up from Tullamarine, you know, that dodgy looking bit on the left where all the freight comes in … He was bigger than I thought he was going to be when he came out of the cage, and he didn’t even look at me. He wouldn’t look at me. He was very obedient, and got into the front seat. Everyone says how much, you know, the dog looks at you and loves you? Well he just stared straight out the front – didn’t even look at me. I was patting him, scratching him the whole way. And then finally he kind of looked at me and gave a little wag of his tail. And I nearly drove into the car in front.”

Lisa might be the leader of the pack, but daughter Evie was definitely the play-mate. Bundy has been mistreated in the past – he’s nervous around the back of his neck. Well, Evie takes it in her stride, and just loves him. Slowly, he’s relaxing and becoming a wonderful companion for the whole family. He has a gruff little way of saying “too much”, but he’s in no way aggressive. He’s very gentle and adoring of Evie. 3Z2A4540 - Version 2 3Z2A4545 - Version 2 3Z2A4553 3Z2A4572 - Version 2 3Z2A4584 - Version 2 3Z2A4605 - Version 2 3Z2A4689 - Version 2 3Z2A4740 - Version 2

(Incidentally, Evie’s name is Evangeline, apparently after the title of a Matthew Sweet song “Evangeline” – one of my all time faves. When I see these photographs I hear that song.)

* These images and the story are part of the “Rescued” project, which looks at the people who rescue animals, and the rescue which they in turn give us. It will be our first self-published book.


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