Rescued: Hector-bear and a house-full of friends

Where do you start when every animal in a household full of animals has a rescue story of some kind? Hector the Golden Retriever (Hector-bear) greets us at the door like a warm blanket of loveliness. He came from an overseas student house, where he’d been over-fed and was no longer required when the studies were over. (All too common – a house of kids buys a cute puppy at a store, never considering that their course is short and a dog’s life is long.)

“He was like a doula at the home-birth of my children – like a big, calming salt-crystal of a thing to have around, you know?”, she laughs as she tells us. “You know, like those big pink salt stone things?”

Rosie, the cockatiel who turned out to be a boy was watched by Clare for days as he clung terrified to a high tree. She’d just about resigned herself to the poor bird’s demise when it finally came to her. Now the cheeky, slightly cranky parrot has a house of his own.

The rabbit, the guinea-pigs, various chickens – all have been given a full life in a house where these animals are loved and valued for the life they give back.

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We have so many stories from Clare – we can’t wait to write them all for the book!

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