Rescued: Warrigal and Jinka

We have a confession to make. These two brumbies live on the same street as our studio. We spied them when they first moved in, and slightly fell in love with them. It was a no-brainer to visit Meagan for our Rescued project.

The story is a good one.

Meagan spotted a horse listed online with almost identical markings as her old Pony Club horse, was curious, and made enquiries. Turns out “Warrigal”(Wild) was a brumby, rounded up as part of a cull program. He’d been rescued from the yard by Hoofs2010, a Brumby rescue organisation.

“A visit to the Hoofs 2010 to meet him was a revelation or epiphany for me”, says Meagan. “Everything I thought I knew about horses was turned on its head and a new found respect and awe of these creatures began. They do not know what we ‘know’. They are such an instinctive and sensitive creature and pick up on the slightest ‘vibe’.”

Meagan and Andrew went to the Hoofs 2010 sanctuary to meet Warrigal, and there was Jinka. Andrew said, “He’s nice…” – and they came home with two rescued brumbies. Destined for pet food or worse, now Meagan works on building trust, growing together to a point where she can begin work under saddle.

They’re remarkable horses, and the bond is clear.

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