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We’ve been pulling our ideas together with inspirational material for ages, and finally the idea starts to become reality. This is a little teaser of something we’ll be putting a fair bit of energy into in 2015. Cafe del Sol at Safety Beach is a tiny taste of the beginning. We will be going back to Cafe del Sol for a number of reasons. Their coffee is freaking awesome. So is Hannah. We didn’t meet her partner Shaun, but he sounds freaking awesome too. Here’s why they’re awesome, apart from their commitment to amazing coffee, raw foods, and organic produce from local producers.

“So, why did you start a food van?”

“Well, Shaun is a coffee roaster, and we got hold of this coffee machine, and we are passionate about the sustainable local thing, so we built a caravan around the coffee machine.”

Something like that. To be honest, Cafe del Sol is so cool, and so beautiful, and the coffee and tea so good, the story just makes sense of why things are so good. Honesty. Simplicity.

Just up the road, there’s chain restaurants with “Food vans.” The crass commercialisation of what should be honest local food culture is a stark contrast. We love you Cafe del Sol!

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