Vintage #2 – The Conversation

Vintage in the Yarra Valley is not all about picking grapes at ridiculous hours of the morning hither-to only known to exist by party-goers who refer to it as “the time you go home from the party”. It’s not all about squishing grapes, driving tractors, barrels, and plumbing.

In an almost Eastern Orthodox way, vintage is also about engaging in the ongoing conversation.

There’s a large part of the wine story which is about a conversation that’s been going for hundreds of years. The French call it “Terroir” – the combination of everything about place which makes a wine unique.

This series of photographs is taken at the Graceburn Wine Room in Healesville. Mac Forbes is passionate about the conversation, the terroir of single origin wines – one vineyard, one block, one unique place that becomes a unique wine. This is Mac with a few guests at the Wine Room, talking.

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